Industrial Pacific HemFir

Discover the strength and reliability of our industrial-grade Pacific HemFir products. Engineered for durability and versatility, these premium materials excel in demanding industrial applications, delivering exceptional performance and value.

Photo courtesy of Carlwood

An abundant, renewable and sustainably sourced species, Pacific HemFir possesses an extremely high strength to weight ratio and superior treatability characteristics, making it a superb choice for a wide variety of industrial and structural applications, particularly where load bearing and load carrying are required. Pacific HemFir’s strength values also meet the Canadian Standards Association’s CSA O86 standard and the span requirements of many installations, making it easy for engineers, architects, regulators and other users to specify Pacific HemFir timbers in industrial applications where structural calculations are required.

Crane and rig mat stock

Our crane & rig mat stock is available both as treated or green.

Photo courtesy of Carlwood

Industrial packaging and crating

Produced as a part of our commitment to extract all value from each log.

Treated railway ties

Our Treated railway ties are available in all sizes and lengths.