Dimensional Lumber

Dimensional lumber, the backbone of construction, offers strength and versatility. From framing to finishing, our high-quality dimensional lumber ensures durability and precision, laying the foundation for your projects to stand the test of time.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is a beautiful softwood with a very pleasing scent. It’s naturally resistant to weather, rot and pests, making it an ideal material for outdoor applications like decking, siding or outdoor structures. Our WRC products are available in rougher head or S4S, and come in a variety of grades and dimensions for all applications.


Pacific HemFir

A high-strength, high-density species, Pacific HemFir is easily pressure treated and is an excellent choice for long-lasting applications where both strength and appearance are required. PFP HemFir is available in structural and appearance grades, either kiln dried or green, and is ready to treat for outdoor applications.