Appearance & Structural Timbers

Elevate your designs with our Western Red Cedar and Pacific HemFir appearance and structural timbers. From stunning architectural accents to sturdy support beams, our timbers combine beauty and strength for timeless and beautiful pieces.

Western Red Cedar

An incredibly attractive and versatile species, Western Red Cedar timbers have a warm, rich luster and are available in a wide range of hues. WRC  timbers are also naturally resistant to weather, rot and pests and are an excellent choice for outdoor structures. Our appearance grade WRC timbers are available in multiple lengths and in all sizes from 6”x6” to 12’x12”, as well as custom sizes upon request (contact our sales team for inquiries).


Pacific HemFir

Pacific HemFir timbers have an extremely high strength to weight ratio and are very receptive to preservatives, making them very well-suited for outdoor applications such as timber construction, decking, garden construction as well as heavy-duty structures such as bridges and wharves, especially where cost is a consideration. Our HemFir timbers are available in both appearance and structural grades, and  in all sizes from 6”x6” to 12”x12” (AST treated to preserve quality). Custom sizes upon request (contact our sales team for inquiries).